Chic & simple. The JAMES emergency band

Fashionable & still protected Like her friend Peter, Susanne (70) likes to spend a lot of time in nature and often goes walking. She knows them JAMES Products already, but she always wears her mother’s watch as a memento and so far has not wanted to counter it JAMES To deceive. “One watch on the […]

Smarthomes for seniors

Don’t let the future wait any longer. Terms such as digitizationand innovative technologies are now firmly embedded in our consciousness. However, not only our vocabulary is changing, but also our immediate environment. The current trend of transforming one’s own home into an everyday-supporting smarthome with intelligent assistance systems – such as Amazon’s Alexa – is […]

Video telephony for seniors

Video telephony connects generations Maria Kerngesund is 93 and lives with her 24/7 caregiver Anna in her large apartment in Vienna. Except for her grandson Gerhard, who visits her on weekends, the rest of the family lives in good health in sunny Carinthia. Due to the relatively long journey, the entire family only gets together […]

Telemedicine & Seniors

The future model of telemedicine Elfriede is 75 and lives alone in her large country house. Although she is still very fit and agile, she has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and fatigue. To date, she kept accurate records of her pulse and blood pressure readings and submitted her notes to her doctor. […]

Help thanks to watch with fall detection

Elfriede uses the JAMES emergency watch S6 with a fall sensor. Elfriede (75) has been taking care of her large garden alone since the death of her husband. Her favorite thing to work on is her new vegetable patch. However, two weeks ago she suffered a concussion because she fell while gardening. Until she was […]

Protection for caregivers thanks to safety watch

Add Your Heading Text Here Markus is 42 and works as a caregiver in an assisted living home for dementia patients in Vienna. He loves his job and takes care of different seniors every day. Two weeks ago, the assisted living facility got a new resident with advanced Alzheimer’s dementia – Mr. G. had previously […]

Medea saves lives with the highest quality

Together with MEDEA, emergency doctor Christine saves lives Christine (37) is an emergency physician and saves lives on a daily basis. Accordingly, she knows that time and efficient mission management play an important role in emergency situations. Despite her expertise, some rescue missions are hampered by time-delaying factors such as unstructured information transfers – for […]

Nature lover is traveling alone

Thanks to the JAMES emergency call device, he receives help immediately Peter is 73 years old and lives alone. A passionate nature lover, he enjoys extensive walks in the forest, which he would not want to miss under any circumstances. However, he has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and dizziness. Recently he fell […]

24/7 care with MOCCA Mobil

MOCCA makes everyday (care) life easier Weakness suffers. Despite her symptoms, Maria insists on continuing to live in her Vienna apartment. As a 24/7 worker, Anna is responsible for a wealth of different tasks and supports her protégé around the clock: she helps with household chores and personal hygiene, cooks, accompanies her to doctor’s appointments […]

Health APPs reduce disease risks

Smartphone apps for body, mind & soul Why do we tend to become slower and more comfortable as we age? Age-related comfort can have many reasons: Pre-existing conditions, weight or pain problems, or concerns about falling are considered common triggers. As we get older, however, an active lifestyle becomes increasingly important for both our physical […]