Chic & simple. The JAMES emergency band

Fashionable & still protected

Like her friend Peter, Susanne (70) likes to spend a lot of time in nature and often goes walking. She knows them JAMES Products already, but she always wears her mother’s watch as a memento and so far has not wanted to counter it JAMES To deceive.

“One watch on the left wrist and one on the right would look funny. In addition, smartwatches are too complicated for me. “

As a fashion-conscious woman, it is very important to Susanne to maintain her style-conscious appearance. However, it is important to Peter that Susanne is well protected at all times – especially during her walking trips in the forest.

JAMES as a savior in need

Fortunately, that turned out to be smart JAMES repertoire Recently supplemented by a chic emergency band, which can also be worn on the right hand without any worries and which is very easy to use. The band turned out to be a valuable companion in the first week:

Like every Friday morning, the fashion-conscious athlete wanted to meet a friend for a walking tour in the forest. However, her comrade canceled at short notice and Susanne went alone. However, in one particularly deeply rooted area, she suddenly tripped and sprained her ankle. As always, she had left her cell phone in the car.

Safe & fashionable towards the future

This is proven here JAMES emergency bracelet as a valuable guardian angel. A short push of a button later she was on the phone with Peter, who immediately called for help. Susanne couldn’t be happier with her new bracelet.