Senior woman gardening on beautiful spring day

Help thanks to watch with fall detection

Elfriede uses the JAMES emergency watch S6 with a fall sensor.

Elfriede (75) has been taking care of her large garden alone since the death of her husband. Her favorite thing to work on is her new vegetable patch. However, two weeks ago she suffered a concussion because she fell while gardening. Until she was found by her cousin Peter, almost four hours passed, during which she lay helpless on the floor in pain.

Peter already wears a JAMES emergency watch and now also equipped Elfriede with one of the intelligent emergency watches. Should Elfriede fall again, she can send an alarm to Peter and other helpers via her new smartwatch:

A short press on the red button is all it takes to get help. In case of emergency, an additional tariff(STURZ & DEMENZ) with a case sensor can be booked in addition to the watch. So if Elfriede does not move for an unusually long period of time, JAMES notifies about the emergency. This prevents painful persistence on the ground after falls, fainting or circulatory problems.

While waiting for help, Elfriede is connected to her loved ones via voice call. So from now on, the amateur gardener does not have to worry about having to go through emergency situations like this alone.

Since Elfriede wears JAMESon her wrist, she feels safeall the time – her relatives are also reassured. She particularly likes the design of the emergency watch.

It looks like a fancy smartwatch.