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JAMES makes everyday life easier for your customers and their families. For organizations, JAMES opens up new possibilities for supporting and expanding existing business models. Are you interested? Send us a request.

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With JAMES, you can competently meet the ever-growing challenges of the nursing and care sector. JAMES creates, thanks to its innovative software, a win-win situation for your organization, customers and their relatives.

JAMES as a link for people and technology

New business models

Extend business processes

Reduce care costs

Relieve staff

24/7 emergency call center

Many professional call centers already offer a wealth of services. With JAMES, the following new areas can be covered:

  1. Mobile emergency call: The stationary home emergency call is unsuitable for many – especially active seniors. For one thing, the majority of older people are still agile and therefore often on the move. On the other hand, existing terminals have a limiting and stigmatizing effect. With the elegant JAMES emergency watches, your organization can attract new groups of buyers and expand existing services.
  1. TeleCare: JAMES opens up new TeleCare services.
    This can be a regular video call on the JAMES tablet at the customer’s home or the monitoring of important vital parameters, which are recorded in the customer’s own home. In addition, the medication intake can be partially transferred to the affected person (e.g. reminders on the tablet or with video support, therapeutic games on the tablet, etc.).

Mobile care

In mobile (outpatient) care, various services can in future be provided remotely or via tele-services. Your organization’s clients receive various components of the JAMES solution and can confirm medication intake or measure vital signs independently on the tablet. In-house specialists (qualified nurses) are automatically informed by the JAMES System in case of conspicuous vital signs and can clarify each case personally with the customer via audio or video call.

The standard package of the JAMES solution includes blood pressure, blood glucose as well as weight recording. Depending on the situation, additional sensors can be integrated. By (partially) shifting activities to the customer and continuously transferring current values to the integrated Care Center, expensive travel times can be saved and anomalies can be detected more quickly.

Regular video calls to those being cared for enable a higher care rate and thus relieve the burden on employees and relatives. Overall, costs can be massively reduced, family members and employees can be supported, and more people can be cared for. In addition, relatives are able to actively participate in the care process via online services.

Inpatient care & assisted living

Stationary care facilities can care for future residents at home before entering the nursing home. With the JAMES Emergency Call Watch, single seniors are given the ability to call for help at the touch of a button in the event of a fall or other problem. Call assistance can be provided by the nursing home during the day and by a 24/7 call center at night.

In addition to safety, the JAMES health package can also be offered, which provides optimal care especially for chronically ill patients or is ideal for preventive measures. In addition, JAMES offers concepts against social isolation, which can be controlled by a community manager via JAMES according to the situation. The JAMES chat components, which promote communication, are used for this purpose. All the above solutions can also be optimally used in assisted living facilities.

24h care &
informal care

The unique combination between the MOCCA® software for professional nursing and care facilities and the JAMES® AAL system now enables electronic documentation directly in the home of the person receiving care. Organizations are able to increase their quality management for the first time, as well as better support informal caregivers or 24-hour caregivers. The synergy of the two products facilitates not only communication, but also the exchange of data between participants. The JAMES tablet, which is geared towards AAL, forms the core.

The AAL tablet serves as a holistic communication hub: first and foremost for the person receiving care, but at the same time for all important stakeholders in the care process. Professional organizations can send caregivers, caregivers and family caregivers the care plan – including instructions and video tutorials – directly to the JAMES tablet. With the help of the care app on the tablet, caregivers are able to view the planned activities and document them in real time. The services performed can be viewed immediately online by the care organization, relatives and also funding agencies. In addition, the work on site is supported by smart add-ons such as the JAMES emergency call watch or vital sign measurements. JAMES thus becomes a digital butler not only for the person being cared for, but also for the caregivers.

Portals for professionals

For the professional use of the JAMES platform, the web portal provides extensive possibilities for your organization. The admin portal is the central tool and contains users, roles, authorizations and device management. The connection of third-party systems such as call center solutions or external databases are also managed here.

Admin Portal

Call centers portal

Carecenter Portal

Community portal